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"interpretation is typically incomplete”

Peter thinks that the perception of assemblage art has not moved far from its initial mindset. Maybe this is why some artists and observers choose to identify assemblage work as sculpture, or construction, or simply conceptual thought. Peter agrees with that thinking but what he wants is for the medium to evolve in a different way. This site believes that the popular descriptions of assemblage art are inadequate. Peter recognizes that the medium is fluid. He sees it as a collaboration of parts and the origin of those design elements is not relevant. Assemblage art includes the practice of combining ideas and materials to create three dimensional form. Additionally, Peter believes that almost any art medium can naturally connect to the art of assemblage and when linked those associations adopt new identities. Furthermore, this site feels that when considering assemblage art, a found object description limits and marginalizes the medium and that this and other related thinking should be isolated from current thought. In general, Diversified Assemblage is about expanding and updating the range of assemblage art, and specifically, its about the work of Peter Page. 

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