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 interpretation is typically incomplete 

I heard that the perception of assemblage art has not moved far from its initial mindset and that maybe this is why various artists and observers choose to identify assemblage work as sculpture, or construction, or simply conceptual thought. I sometimes agree with that thinking and would also like to see the medium portrayed in other ways. It is not hard to recognize that the noticeable interpretations of assemblage art are incomplete and that the medium is constantly evolving within a collaboration of parts and conditions. The considered standard describes assemblage as the practice of combining ideas and materials to create three dimensional form. Agreeing with that, I  also believe that almost any art medium can naturally connect to the art of assemblage and when linked those associations adopt new identities. Mechanically, DA is about expanding and updating assemblage by connecting art mediums through linear reduction and aesthetically it is about associating and unifying the art types I work with under a single umbrella. My perception of the medium chooses to identify sculpture, photography, printmaking, film, and assemblage, with assemblage. 

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