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Moving Assemblage (MA)

MA is motivated by film & theater and opens with 3 unrelated silent shorts. The essence of the MA category is to explore collaborations with individuals & groups, integrate other sections of the DI project with costume and prop design, and  probe the historical aspects of the participating  mediums.

"specific objects"

Unexpected Moment cover.jpg

Unexpected Moment

This film is a love story about a woman and a man who are awkward and alone. Recognizing they want more in life, the two meet randomly and form an abstract union.

                    CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION 

The Pipefitter cover.jpg

The Pipefitter

The Pipe Fitter is an old school plumber. Content in his trade, the man moves through life installing and servicing pipe. One day, during an urban encounter, he receives an idea that will change his life.

                    CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION

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