Special Release

any "found objects" description limits the medium

Most projects have a beginning and an end. DA does not. The essence of this effort is the pursuit of varied ideas that are centered around assemblage art. The project aspires to a place where bodies of work, collaborations and information are free to develop outside of any constraints. The special release section is where topics and ideas evolve.

Triptych DoA/GoA Hybrid 1 2022
(photographic detail of assemblage overlayed with graphic color)
TRIPTYCH DoA/GoA Hybrid 2022 is a merging of 2 Diversified Assemblage Project categories (details of assemblage and graphics of assemblage)
GoA 9 Triptych 2022
(Graphic of Assemblage #9, 2021 Versions 1, 3 & 4)
GoA 9 Triptych 2022 update_edited.jpg